Full steam ahead to Flanders!

Biostoom Beringen, a place in the heart of Europe where your business will enjoy a warm welcome!

Let's see how your corporation can profit from our innovation.

Biostoom Beringen and its energy hub are ready for tomorrow. Are you? In a world where you can only safeguard your company’s future through constant innovation, we will provide you the best location to benefit continuously from the heat produced by our biosteam plant. This is renewable energy at its best!

If your corporate ambitions include a sustainable energy plan, lower emissions and increased logistical possibilities, Biostoom Beringen proves to be the perfect partner, and one you can rely on for decades to come.

At our ‘hot spot’ location in the east of Flanders, our energy hub which includes an industrial heating network, will ensure you an endless supply of renewable energy.

Consider the benefits of affordable, sustainable energy, and add amazing accessibility and a valuable network of government support to the equation. Thanks to Biostoom Beringen, your company will be 100% ready for the year 2020 and far beyond.

International chemical company Borealis has become an early adopter in this ‘heart-warming’ story. How about you? Are you ready to go full steam ahead to Flanders?

Map of Europe

Location is key

Good to know

The region benefits from excellent accessibility and borders on:

  • France (South)
  • Germany (East)
  • The Netherlands (North)
  • United Kingdom (West)

Room to prosper and grow

The energy hub is located in Beringen (on Industrial Zone Ravenshout), a city in the Flemish region of Belgium (home of the European Union Capital). Here, Biostoom Beringen offers you a prime location for your future business establishment or industrial endeavour. Powered by the biosteam plant and the associated energy hub, it is clear that this area will flourish as an ecological and economical hot spot that will grow because of its obvious advantages.

Top benefits

  • Ravenshout is the second largest Industrial Zone in the province of Limburg
  • Located close to the main motorways E313 (connecting the industrial cities Antwerp and Liege) and E314 (connecting Brussels, NL and GE) and alongside the Albert Canal with its harbour basin and heightened bridges
  • Tier 1 industrial zone – a preferred location for large and multinational companies
  • Prime location for European-wide logistic activities

Stay connected

The prime plot we have reserved for your company is located on the Ravenshout Industrial Zone, which stretches across three communities: Ham, Tessenderlo and Beringen. This location does not only offer easy access to the European motorways E313 and E314; it is also conveniently located near a well-used and easily accessible waterway with excellent connections to other internationally linked waterways. Those factors will provide additional support to help you realize your ambitions to become a CO2-neutral company, and will make your logistics more efficient with increased economic benefits.

Always nearby:

  • Containerterminal Tessenderlo - 2 km
  • Seaport of Antwerp – 60 km
  • Liege – 70 km
  • Eindhoven – 70 km
  • Frankfurt – 337 km

Would you like to join us?

Why renewable energy is a must for any company

Ecological benefits

Sustainable energy

Our implementation of a biosteam plant and energy hub will ensure that you will never need fossil fuels for your company’s day-to-day operations again. Obviously, you will be able to cut your energy budget significantly, thanks to our sustainable energy source. But the ecological benefits are even greater.

Full steam ahead

Biostoom Beringen produces renewable energy in the form of steam and/or hot water and offers it to companies located nearby. Steam power was used for centuries and is now regaining interest and undergoing modernization to create another form of renewable energy. Our biosteam plant has proven to be top class in respect to energy-efficiency and environmental friendliness. And, obviously, it meets the strictest European emission regulations.

From waste to renewable energy in 3 easy steps

1. Delivery & incineration

Inside the bunker, fuel (waste material) for the biosteam plant is gathered and mixed. From the bunker, the fuel is fed into the furnace.

2. Energy production

We create high-end steam which will be delivered directly to neighbouring companies or will be transformed into electricity and hot water.

3. Emission treatment

First of all, our fuel is not in competition with food or feed but unrecyclable waste is the energy source of the biosteam plant. Secondly, our fluegases are extensively treated and the emissions are continuously measured and examined.

Economic benefits

Industrial heating network

Perhaps you need another reason to join us? The goal of Biostoom Beringen is to create an energy hub in the proximity of the biosteam plant, a hot spot where we not only produce energy but also store and distribute it to meet local needs. Here, on the Ravenshout Industrial Zone, we aim to set up an industrial heating network that will allow companies nearby, which could be yours, to use the steam or hot water the plant produces to power their processes. And that innovation goes hand in hand with a considerable financial benefit on the costs of your processes.

A perfect location for innovation

The energy hub will allow various innovative companies to take root right here and will attract many (multinational) players to become part of this new way of fuelling activities. We are not only creating a highly efficient energy hub, but also a nucleus where entrepreneurs and innovators will have a perfect and reliable energy provider, and thus the capability to develop their future-driven ambitions to the fullest. With that aim in mind, Biostoom Beringen has already agreed a partnership with the chemical company Borealis, setting the example for many more corporate-partners yet to come.

Financial and fiscal support

Grants & other benefits

Both Flanders and Limburg have a myriad of grants and structural support systems in place to ensure entrepreneurs and their businesses enjoy a startup that is beneficial to all parties involved. Support from Federal (Belgium) and Regional (Flanders) authorities as well as unique Local (Limburg) government grants are available, with cash grants and fiscal measures in the form of tax reductions.


  • Federal Tax reductions include:
    • Notional interest deduction
    • R&D Tax incentives
  • Regional support:
    • Strategic Transformation Support (STS)
    • Ecology Premiums
  • Local Support for specific economic regions:
    • Temporary exemption of a significant percentage of payroll tax


Below you will find a brief introduction to the available grants and other benefits you might be eligible for, but we can provide you with all the necessary information – tailored to your needs – upon request.


Regional – Flanders: strategic transformation support

Support is provided for

  • Transformation projects
  • Extensive professional investments & training programs
  • Investment support (in EU-development zones)

Minimum investment amounts:

  • Small enterprises (SE): €100,000 training costs – 1 million euro investment costs*
  • Medium enterprises (ME): €200,000 training costs – 2 million euro investment costs*
  • Large enterprises (LE): €300,000 training costs – 3 million euro investment costs*

*Investment costs in this context are fixed and intangible assets (land value excluded)

Training costs:

  • Wage cost for trainers
  • Transportation
  • Expenses on tools and requirements
  • Depreciation of equipment or tools
  • Costs of advice or training

Basic support + bonus support for extra employment (extra 25%):

  • Investment support of 8% (max. 10%)
  • Training support of 20% (max. 25%)
  • Maximum support 1 million euro (+€250,000 bonus support)

The duration of the program is 3 years – 1 application per year permitted
Apply before the project starts, using the application form and transformation plan!

Regional – Flanders: ecology grants

Ecology premium plus (EP Plus):

  • Support for investments in:
    • environmental technologies
    • energy technologies
    • renewable energy
    • combined heat and power
  • Premium of 5% up to 12,5% of the supplementary investment cost

Strategic ecology support (STRES):

  • Support for strategic investments in cutting-edge green technology
  • Strategic ecological investments with a minimum investment of 3 million euro
  • Support of 20% up to 30% of the additional costs for large companies
  • The company must conduct a feasibility study (both technical and economic)

Local Limburg – exemption payroll in specific economic areas

The Belgian government has recognized Limburg as a ‘specific economic area’. This zone applies to Beringen Ravenshout, and companies that invest in a ‘specific economic area’ of this type get a 25% exemption on the salary withholding tax for a period of two years per additional employment unit retained over 3 (SME) to 5 (LE) years. The benefit corresponds to a saving of 4 to 5% on the labour cost and is applicable if personnel are retained/transferred as a result of acquisition investments. Large companies must be located in an EU-Development zone, such as the Ravenshout industrial zone.



Stefan Caluwe

Stefan Caluwe

Location leader and operations manager at Borealis Beringen/Geleen

Thanks to Biostoom Beringen, our emissions will be lower than ever

For us, the story of the Beringen energy hub is all about ecology and economy.

As a company, we strongly believe in the concept of the “circular economy”. This concept means that waste is reduced to a strict minimum through reuse, recycling, energy recovery, etc. Our neighbour company Biostoom Beringen is now rolling out a project to convert waste into energy (steam and electricity) using a biosteam plant. That makes household waste from all the municipalities in Limburg a very important raw material for us. By participating in this project, we will emit less than half the CO2 emissions than when using primary fossil fuels. That is a big ecological step forward! But this is also an important project for us economically.

We are an energy-intensive company. Using the energy that the biosteam plant of Biostoom Beringen will generate in the form of heat (steam) and directly consuming electricity where it is produced, will reduce the burden on the network. In addition, the production cost of this energy from waste is lower than that from fossil fuels. So this project makes us more cost-efficient and therefore more competitive in our quest for possible future investments. We are talking here about a heat and electricity requirement that is equivalent to the energy consumption of about 40,000 families.

In short the energy hub with its new biosteam plant and the installation of a heat supply network ensures that Borealis is doing a good job in terms of both economics and ecology.

Frank Zwerts

Frank Zwerts

Locate in Limburg is the investment promotion agency for the Belgian province of Limburg.

Locate in Limburg is an initiative of the investment company LRM, Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Limburg Provincial Development Company, the employers’ organizations (Voka, Unizo, VKW) and Flanders Investment & Trade.

Thanks to close cooperation with the many economic players in Limburg and Flemish partners, we guide foreign companies throughout their investment process. This offers potential investors in the province of Limburg one point of contact for all their questions about available space, support measures, taxation and access to capital, investments, etc. Limburg is a region with well-developed knowledge and skills, located in the heart of Europe, and with space still available for entrepreneurs to set up their businesses. That makes it an ideal base for those who want to invest in Europe’s potential. As a know-how region, especially where worldwide innovations in B2B applications are concerned, the province offers even more advantages. For example, the population is relatively young and there is a plentiful and dynamic workforce available. Moreover, various governments (including Europe, Belgium and Flanders) are supporting the region’s further economic expansion. They are doing that with a number of additional financial support measures to encourage new companies to establish themselves here.

The Beringen energy hub, which is now under development in the industrial area Ravenshout-Beringen, has powerful advantages and benefits. After all, the hub comprises a closed-loop energy supply with unique utilities, including renewable heat, natural gas, electricity, nitrogen and hydrogen. A closed loop has the advantage that the utilities produced at the plant do not require delivery over the regular public distribution network, and that makes it feasible to achieve substantial energy cost reductions of up to 50%. The hub fits perfectly with the corporate image of companies that want to focus on sustainability and circular processes. And there is yet another bonus. The location has fantastic accessibility, being near the intersection of two European motorways and along the Albert Canal, the waterway that connects the port of Antwerp with the south of the Netherlands, Wallonia and the Ruhr area.